By Bob McGee. As we map out the year ahead, leaders at trade groups from around the industry share their thoughts on the future. From sporting goods to running to footwear and outdoors – cautious optimism rules the day in 2019. (Read More)

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14 Billion Bottles Recycled, 300 Leading Brands

This week, Unifi will announce the winners of its second annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Awards at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Get a sneak preview of the awards and our partners in innovation. (Read the full story here)


Up To Bat

The new products, technologies and key issues facing the baseball category at retail and beyond.

While Major League Baseball may be baseball’s marquee vehicle, the lifeblood of the game remains at the youth level. From five-year-old T-ballers to the 70-plus year-olds who gather play in events such as the Roy Hobbs World Series in Florida, baseball retains its hold as the National Pastime because it can be played at so many different levels. (Read More)


Taking the Pulse of the Running Market in 2019

Specialty Running Retailers Sound Off on Key Issues for 2019.

From a business perspective, what are you most optimistic about in 2019? “Even though they say less people are defining themselves as runners these days, I think people are more than ever getting excited about getting outside to explore and test their limits in other ways than just races. (Read More)

INSOLES & shoeCare

Stretching the Boundaries

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities and new products.

Here’s a look at the latest from insole and shoecare brands — including a few “outside the box” product ideas. (Read More)


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Four Reasons Selling Mouthguards Makes Sense for Retailers.

Now equal parts protective equipment and fashion statement, mouthguards are a staple of team sports ranging from football, wrestling and hockey – where they are mandatory in most competitions – to soccer and basketball, where both the performance and safety aspects are catching on. (Read More)

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